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Join Our Dynamic Team!

Our Care Ltd. is fueled by its commitment to its patients. At Our Care Ltd., we stand behind our values and are always looking to hire motivated individuals to join our team. As an Our Care Ltd. employee, you will benefit from a thorough induction, ongoing training, and will learn new techniques to help you cater to the home care requests of all types of clients. Contact us today and join our growing team.


A Wide Range of Opportunities

Being a care assistant is a highly rewarding career, or finding suitable care staff that can make a difference to someone’s life, in helping them maintain independent living within their own homes.

Joining our team  or allowing us to deliver a service to you will give you a number of benefits such as:

  • National living wage or higher depending on experience

  • Free Training and Support

  • Career Development opportunities

  • Flexible Hours 

Eager to join our team and make an impact in clients’ lives? Get in touch with us today and inquire more about our wide range of opportunities.

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